15 Best Assam Food For Foodies Traveling North East

If you are a foodie who loves to travel then  Assam food  is something you should definitely tick off your bucket list. Assamese cuisine has a distinct flavor marked by Bengali influence and includes a delicate flavor.

The dishes that make anyone happy because of the choicest herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables used. So if you are traveling to Assam or just want to try it at an authentic Assamese restaurant, these are the best recipes.

The state of Assam is known throughout the country for its delicious food items which are natural and highly nutritious. Most of the famous foods of Assam are steamed and steamed with natural vegetables and a special mixture called khar.

Local people in the state of Assam use various cooking techniques using aromatic species, local and natural herbs which are beneficial for health and also add flavor to the Assamese cuisine.

Assam is a destination for food lovers and food enthusiasts who love to experience new food and new restaurants. Assamese people love to eat and are great connoisseurs of food. 

Assam has many restaurants ranging from family to buffet to Chinese to multi cuisine. Restaurants in Assam offer food ranging from authentic Assamese cuisine to North Indian to Continental to Oriental. Therefore, a visit to restaurants in Assam will be a satisfying experience for tourists. Here is the list of top restaurants in Assam.

Food is a very important part of the culture of any state. A state is identified by the food eaten by the people. Assam, one of the important states of Northeast India, is also known for its unique food.

 Assamese cuisine is one of the notable cuisines of India. The food served here is simple yet unique in its own sense. The cooking style of Assamese food is simple with high use of vegetables or meat and less use of oil and spices. 

Assamese food will include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and is mostly boiled in nature. And as such, it is one of the healthiest forms of food and is widely sought after by many Assamese and non-Assamese people. Features of traditional Assamese cuisine:

1. Brine

When it   comes to the staple food of Assam , Khar is a non-vegetarian dish that comes out on top. This meat delicacy is made from the main ingredient khar after which it is named and also contains raw papaya, beans and taro. 

This preparation also involves filtering all of the above through dried banana leaves for its unique signature taste. This curry delicacy is usually served with rice and is often part of lunch

2. Masor Tenga

This tangy curry  is one of the most popular dishes in Assam. The fish is slow-cooked with a broth made from outenga, tomatoes and lemons, and once done is very refreshingly tangy. This is one dish that every Assamese definitely loves and you can make it with their enthusiasm when you ask them about it.

3. Duck meat curry

Another of Assam’s specialty foods, duck meat is usually a dish reserved for special occasions. If cooked properly, the dish can blow you away due to the use of whole spices. It is usually cooked with rye dal but you can also cook it with sesame seeds, pumpkin, lentils and more.

4. Zak Aru Bhaji

Usually a side dish, it is made from vegetables and herbs and seasoned with garlic, ginger and sometimes lemon. This is an everyday type of dish that is a part of lunch and dinner when it comes to Assam food.

5. Ou Khatta

This is a sweet and sour chutney made from elephant apple (Ou) and jaggery. It is a must try food that makes your meal perfectly happy.

6. Aloo Pitika

This is the Assamese version of mashed potatoes and is a great side dish for lunch and dinner. Mashed potatoes, cooked in mustard oil, onion, salt and coriander is one of the easiest dishes to cook and yet one of the most enjoyable.

7. Paro Manxo

One of the other popular food items of Assam  , this dish is essentially pigeon meat and a delicacy of the region. It is best complemented by caldile or banana flowers which add to its unique flavor. Generally, pigeon meat is said to keep the body warm in winter and hence it is cooked on special occasions and seasons.

8. Banhgjor Lagot Kukura

One of the most popular dishes in Assamese cuisine  , this is essentially chicken cooked with bamboo shoots and lentils. Do try this if you want to experience the unique taste of bamboo shoots which is usually uncommon in other dishes.

9. Silkworms

Yes Assamese eat silkworms and as weird as it looks and sounds, it  is one of the tastiest Assamese food. The larvae are fried with spices and taste crispy on the outside and liquid on the inside. This is essentially an tribal dish that should definitely not be missed.

10. Pitha

This  is one of the most famous sweet dishes of Assamese food cuisine and can be both sweet and savory depending on its ingredients. Though a bit difficult to make, it can be cooked at home and served for breakfast or evening tea.

11. Gurr Pius

A sweet dish that tastes similar to rabdi, this is made from rice, milk, jaggery, dates, cashews and bay leaves. Adding dates to this dish gives it a different flavor.

12. Narikol Pitha

Another sweet dish made from roasted coconut, flour and sugar, this is very easy to make and a great dish to serve after finishing your main course.

13. Naricolor Laru

Simply put, this is a coconut laddu with the best of both worlds, coconut and sugar. And yes, having one is not enough.

14. Komolar Kheer

This is your normal pudding made from rice but with a tangy orange flavor. The addition of orange pulp adds a refreshing flavor to the sweet dish and the pulp can also be used to garnish the dish.

15. Rice pudding

Joha rice is used to make this sweet dish filled with ghee, dry fruits and milk. Cooked on low flame, you can also add cardamom and saffron to garnish it. Overall, this dish is a must-try for those with a sweet tooth.

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