List of 9 famous and colorful festivals of Assam

The unique culture and colorful heritage of Assam is reflected in the various beautiful festivals celebrated in its homeland. You can say that Assam is a land of festivals and fairs. The amazing array of festivals and fairs celebrated in Assam is an exceptionally exciting, fun, vibrant and spectacular experience. During festivals in Assam, various local tribes […]

Top Assamese Youtube Channels

Top 10 YouTubers in Assam: Today in this article you can know about top 10 YouTubers in Assam Voice Assam, Dimpu Baruah, Sunny Golden and many more… YouTube is a platform where people can show their talent and achieve success. In the last 3 or 4 years,  YouTube  has grown in popularity in India as well as in Assam. […]

15 Best Assam Food For Foodies Traveling North East

If you are a foodie who loves to travel then  Assam food  is something you should definitely tick off your bucket list. Assamese cuisine has a distinct flavor marked by Bengali influence and includes a delicate flavor. The dishes that make anyone happy because of the choicest herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables used. So if you are traveling […]

9 Best Tourist Destinations in the Land of Blue Hills – Assam

Assam is the true definition of beauty and bliss. Its beautiful landscapes resemble a picture perfect world like a fairy tale. Surrounded by beautiful hills, tranquil rivers and its tributaries, emerald tea plantations, dense forests, a magnificent island and ancient historical monuments, it always attracts the eyes of nature lovers, photographers, couples and wildlife enthusiasts.  Its charm […]

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