Historical places to visit in Port Blair

The capital city of Andaman boasts of tourist-friendly destinations that are gorgeous and awe-inspiring. There is plenty to discover in this cluster of islands and places to visit in Port Blair  – a major port in the Andamans – never disappoint.

Revel in clear blue waters, trek through green and brown thickets and indulge in India’s cultural history as you explore the best places to visit in Port Blair.

Not just in the city, there are many unexplored attractions and small islands around Port Blair that you can add to your itinerary if you have plenty of time for sightseeing. 

Make the most of your trip by visiting each of the attractions mentioned below.

1. Cellular Jail: The Prison-Turned-Museum

Popularly known as Kalapani,  the cellular jail of all the tourist spots in Port Blair  has served as a testimony to the gruesome colonial era. This national monument draws attention to the Indian freedom struggle and is one of the most popular places to visit in Port Blair, mainly because of the history associated with the place. 

The overall architecture of the building contrasts with the solitary cells that were used to deport and execute political prisoners.

Timings for Cellular Jail and Jail Museum  : 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:15 (Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)
Entry Fee:  INR 10 (Adults) | INR 100 (allows video recording)
Don’t miss:  Light and sound show narrated by the People’s Tree who stood tall and witnessed the atrocities committed by the colonists. The voice behind the peepal tree is that of actor Om Puri.
Timings  : There are two shows in Hindi daily at 18:00 and 19:15 except Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the second show is in English.

2. Japanese Bunkers: Reminiscent of World War II

These relics of a bygone era were built during World War II and   can easily be seen at tourist spots in Port Blair .

Japanese bunkers attest when the siege was attempted on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They are one of the main sights to see in Port Blair and are located on the way to Ross Island and Corbin Cove Beach. 

 So, make sure to add this interesting place to your Port Blair sightseeing list!

3. Chatham Saw Mill: Rustic beauty of pre-independence days

Apart from the picturesque and serene beaches, Port Blair has countless places to visit. Chatham Saw Mill is one such place to discover in this cluster of islands. The mill was established in 1883 under British administration and is a well-known wood processor in Asia.

Among the popular tourist spots of Port Blair, the mill is a major attraction for the youth.

Things to do:  Search for Japanese bomb craters left during World War II
Timings:  9:00 – 16:00 (Monday – Friday) | 9:00 – 14:30 (Saturday)
Entry Fee:  INR 10
Don’t forget:  Take home a beautiful wooden work from the souvenir shop.

4. Murugan Temple: A Religious Tour

Centrally located in Port Blair, the Murugan Temple is the largest pilgrimage site in the Andaman Islands. Dedicated to Lord Murugan – the son of Lord Shiva, the temple is known for its amazing Dravidian architecture.

Plan your visit to the temple during the festival so that you can witness the grand occasion. Also, don’t forget to try the mouth-watering vegetarian or non-vegetarian thali around the temple complex.

They serve authentic food from different cultures which is definitely worth trying.

Timings:  5 AM – 12 PM and 4 PM – 9 PM

5. Mangalutan Village: Visit the rubber plantation

A village popular for rubber plantations is located in the southern region of the Andaman Islands. Mangalutan village is a stunning area of ​​natural beauty with a river flowing through the village. There is a 60 acre rubber plantation which is the main source of income for the villagers. A visit here is an absolute must. Learn about the plantation process – from seed to extraction and production level.

Location  : Mangalutan Village, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 744103
Distance from Port Blair  : 23 Kms. 

6. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex: Enjoy water activities

Do you want to watch some fun and exciting sports in Port Blair? Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is designed to delight tourists, so look no further.

A solid attraction in the city that provides exciting water sports and activities like paddle boats, row boats, etc. etc. In the adventure section, you will find parasailing, speed boats, banana boats and much more.

The best time to visit the complex would be summer as there is water everywhere.

Location  : Rajiv Gandhi Rd, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744104
Timings  : 10:00 – 18:30
Prices  : Starting from Rs.550

7. Madhuban Range: For a bird’s eye view

Among the many national parks in Andaman, Mount Harriet National Park is located at the highest point. The Madhuban Ranges are located in the National Park. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Port Blair city from the top of the hill.

The natural flora and fauna makes you click pictures and capture the best natural shots as the land has an exquisite array of flora and fauna. 

Things to do:  Trek to the top of the mountain or drive through fabulous roads to reach the top, as this area is a reserved zone managed by the Forest Division) 
Location  : Hope Town, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744107
Time  : 7 AM to PM
Entry fee  till 5 pm : Rs 25 for adults, Rs 10 for children, Rs 250 for foreigners

8. Corbin Cove: A delight for sun-basking and swimming

Corbin Cove is a unique area, ideal for swimming and sun basking. It is located approximately 7 km south of the city and should not take more than half an hour to reach.

Include this in your Port Blair sightseeing for the coconut and palm trees that line the area.

Note:  Beware of crocodiles that appear occasionally.

9. Marina Park and Aquarium: Time for adventurous expeditions

Marina Park and Aquarium is a nice park with a decent aquarium. It is home to about 350 species of fish and other creatures that love crabs, turtles and sharks. Entry to the aquarium is just 10 rupees.

This place is an ideal visit for travelers with children. This well-maintained park is worth a visit on your trip to Port Blair for an evening stroll.

Other reasons to visit this place are the speedboats to North Bay and Ross Island start from here.

Location:  Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Delanipur, Port Blair Timings
:  6 AM to 10 PM

10. Veer Savarkar Park: A witness to past glory

After your visit to the Cellular Jail or while you wait for your chance to start the light and sound show, Veer Savarkar Park is the best place to relax.

This park has a really good collection of statues of our freedom fighters. You can also grab snacks like green coconuts and tea from the vendors in the park. This well-maintained park also has rides for kids.

Location:  Atlanta Point, Port Blair

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