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Top 10 YouTubers in Assam: Today in this article you can know about top 10 YouTubers in Assam Voice Assam, Dimpu Baruah, Sunny Golden and many more… YouTube is a platform where people can show their talent and achieve success. In the last 3 or 4 years,  YouTube  has grown in popularity in India as well as in Assam.

YouTube Creator has grown rapidly. In recent times, many YouTube creators have managed to gain success and popularity in the Assamese YouTube world. Here we   share with you only Top 10 YouTubers in Assam .

Are you looking for top best YouTubers in Assam?

YouTube is going to be very popular in Assam now. So, based on recent popularity, we have listed the names of top 8 Assamese YouTubers and their earnings and these are our own statistics. With the help of SocialBlade website, income data is collected.

Technology upgrading at a rapid pace has brought an opportunity, with the freedom to create content on arguably the most popular free platform, YouTube.

Where talented content creators from different parts of the world showcased their extraordinary skills to experience amazing storytelling. It initially started as a passion but soon turned into a full-time profession.

1. Voice of Assam

Voice Assam  No. 1 YouTube Channel in Assam  . This YouTube channel  has 1.6 million subscribers. Voice Assam is an exceptional YouTube channel. The aim of this channel is to look good, learn well and always laugh.

Total Subscribers 1.6 m
Total video uploads 383
Estimated monthly earnings$1600k

2. Dimpu Baruah – Dimpu’s Vlogs:

Dimpu’s Vlogs YouTube channel  is owned by Dimpu Baruah, he is a top Assamese YouTuber in Assam. Dimpu Baruah, the hot property of the Assamese YouTube world, has 1.63 M subscribers on his channel named Dimpu’s Vlogs. Dimpuna Vlog is an Assamese vlog YouTube channel. He likes to vlog his daily life and explore new places.

Dimpu’s vlog has completed 1.63 million subscribers and is the first Assamese YouTuber with 1.63 million subscribers.

Total Subscribers 1.63 m
Total video uploads 413
Estimated monthly earnings of Dimpuna Vlog$3.5K 

3. Dimpu Baruah – “Dimpu Baruah”

Dimpu Baruah Popular Assamese YouTuber or YouTube channel  “Dimpu Baruah”  with 1.21 million subscribers. He usually uploads technical, informative videos on “Dimpu Baruah” YouTube channel, all videos are based on relative information. Dimpu Barua uploads technical thoughts on a particular topic through his videos.

 Total Subscribers 1.21M
Video uploads 822
Dimpu Baruah monthly estimated income $1.3K 

4. Chittaranjan- Digital assistance

Digital Help   is an Assamese popular technical YouTube channel with 643K subscribers . This YouTube channel is owned by Chittaranjan. Digital assistance  generally focuses on new technology-related, reviews, knowledge-based, earning ideas, daily news, Android, how-to videos, uploads in Assamese regional language.

Total subscribers 643K
Video uploads 341
Digital Assistance Monthly Estimated Earnings $1k

5. Bhukhan Pathak- Assamese Mixture 

Assamese Mix  is ​​a popular entertainment YouTube channel. Assamese Mixture channel   is owned by Bhukan Pathak with 688k subscribers . Assamese Mix is ​​an absolutely phenomenal YouTube channel. In this channel, videos of Assamese actors interviews, Assamese actors interviews, film box office, new film news  etc. Top 10 YouTubers in Assam 2021-

Total subscribers  688 k
Video uploads 1300 K
Assamese Mix Estimated Monthly Earnings$904

6. Sunny Golden – YouTube Channel

Sunny Golden is the 6th most popular YouTube channel in Assam Youth. Sunny Golden   is an Assamese entertainment YouTube channel with 581k subscribers . This YouTube channel uploads Assamese comedy videos. All videos uploaded by Sunny Golden are for entertainment only. Sunny Golden Facebook and Instagram: Sunny Golden.

Total Subscribers 581 k
 Video uploads 52
 Estimated monthly earnings$711

7. Hemalta- Daily Tips Youtube Channel

This is an Assamese YouTube channel related to beauty and health. This channel   has a whopping 517k subscribers . This channel reviews some items and discusses how people can become beautiful and healthy using naturally occurring items at home.

Total Subscribers 517 k
Video uploads 663
Estimated monthly earnings $428

8. Nilotpal Chaliha

Nilotpal Chaliha  is an absolutely exceptional YouTube channel. This Assamese YouTube channel  is owned by Nilotpal Chaliha with 605k subscribers. In this channel, related to Assamese serials, Assamese actors, Assamese artists, and singers, film box office, new film news etc.

Total Subscribers 605K
 Video uploads 1000
Estimated monthly income $705

9. Raja Das- Sri Raja

Top 10 YouTuber in Assam 2021:  Sri Raja is a popular Assam Roast, Fun, Entertainment, YouTube channel. This YouTube channel is owned by Raja Das with 603k subscribers. Assamese roasting videos are uploaded in this channel only for entertainment.

Total subscribers 603k
Upload videos 347
Estimated monthly income $584

10. Asamore Deka

Assamor Deka YouTube channel   is an entertainment-related channel with 451k subscribers. This YouTube channel uploads videos on Assam Roast, Fun, Entertainment etc.

Total subscribers 451K
 Video uploads 626
 Asamore Deka Estimated Monthly Income $300

Life is not a battlefield or a race where we have to jump on the bandwagon of what business is in vogue or what people around us are doing.

Instead, it is a golden opportunity to do what your heart connects with the most and not under pressure from anyone. By doing this you will realize that work no longer feels like work, yet it becomes a part of your system, elevating you with every success or milestone you achieve.

So, take inspiration from these top YouTubers in India who have come from diverse backgrounds, had their share of personal failures, but never let it affect their dreams. That is why we can see them in a stature that is woven by their hard work, dedication, passion and time spent to achieve it.

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